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Pastors and Stewards Program

Management Skills Development

Catholic parishes include many aspects of small businesses that require the exercise of a number of management competencies including human resource management, financial planning, and team leadership. The individuals responsible for these activities may vary from parish to parish depending on its size and the availability of people with appropriate skills. Mount St. Mary’s Seminary has been developing these skills in its seminarians for several years as part of its Pastors and Stewards priestly formation program. During this time the Seminary has surveyed vocation directors and parish priests across the nation to ensure course materials are comprehensive while remaining practical. As part of its service to the broader Catholic Community, the Seminary now making these educational materials available on-line for use by parish priests or lay people.


Through this program, Mount St. Mary’s is able to remediate the financial and administrative challenges that parish priests often face, ensuring they are well-prepared for the vocation to which God has called them.

Monsignor Andrew R. Baker Mount St. Mary's Seminary Rector

Computer Aided Learning Modules (CAMs)

The Seminary offers computer-aided learning modules (CAMs) designed to enhance learning in financial literacy, human resources and pastoral administration. Course content is specifically geared to what priests and lay parish professionals will face in a Catholic setting. Participants learn how to interpret financial document terminology, create a budget, hire an employee, let someone go in a charitable way, and manage a staff.

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  • Human Resource Management

    Developing an understanding of human resources will prepare you to be a better administrative leader of your parish community and guide you through difficult situations a pastor may encounter when managing employees and volunteers.

  • Parish Financials I & II

    As a pastor, you are charged with overseeing financial resources that your church needs and uses. It is your responsibility to ensure that funds are spent wisely.

  • Management and Operations Budget

    A three-module bundle, which includes Human Resource Management and Parish Financials I & II.

  • Pastoral Leadership

    Exemplary pastoral leaders promote an inclusive organizational climate that enables themselves and their followers to learn and grow. In doing so, they create cultural and material conditions under which people flourish.

  • Strategic Planning I & II

    Coming soon.

  • Leadership and Planning Bundle

    A three-module bundle which includes Pastoral Leadership and access to Strategic Planning I & II (when released).

  • Virtuous use of Technology

    Coming soon.

  • Pastors and Stewards Bundle

    All seven modules including Human Resource Management, Parish Financials I & II, and Pastoral Leadership, and will include immediate access to Strategic Planning I & II, and Virtuous use of Technology when they are released.