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Seminary Skyline

Mission, Vision & Strategic Plan

Mount St. Mary's Seminary Mission

Mount St. Mary’s Seminary prepares men for the Catholic ministerial priesthood in the Third Millennium; men who love with the heart of the Church, think with the mind of the Church, and are formed to have an integrated core of human, intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral virtues modeled by Jesus Christ, our High Priest.

Go up to the Mountain


To invite men to “go up to the mountain” (Haggai 1:8), so that we might send down holy, self-sacrificial shepherds for the people of God, to light a fire on the earth for the salvation of souls.

Seminary Strategic Plan 2021-26

In St. Luke’s Gospel, Our Lord speaks of the demands of discipleship. He uses the images of someone constructing a tower and a king marching into battle. He says that we need to plan well and be prepared for the demands of following him (cf. Luke 14: 25-33).

Strategic planning helps us provide for “the long-range stability of the seminary, the effective implementation of its mission, and good stewardship of all associated resources” (Program of Priestly Formation, 307). It is a way in which together we can plan well and be prepared for the present and future demands of following Christ in our mission of priestly formation. The Goals that we set for the next five years (2021 – 2026) will be the main drivers for our ambitions and work at Mount St. Mary’s Seminary.

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Strategic Priority #1 – Dimensions of Priestly Formation

  • Goal 1 – Implement the 6th Edition of the Program of Priestly Formation (PPF6) in the Seminary’s formation program.
  • Goal 2 – Foster a community where seminarians can consistently and effectively articulate a proper understanding and application of the integration of the four dimensions of formation.
  • Goal 3 – Achieve a more effective and consistent formation advising and spiritual formation program.

Strategic Priority #2 – Relationship Building

  • Goal 4 – Provide further formation in competency for future pastors (e.g., administration, human resources, development, leadership, and evangelization).
  • Goal 5 – Optimize fundraising by engaging in continued effective long-range planning.

Strategic Priority #3 – Curriculum

  • Goal 6 – Augment the theological, pastoral, and philosophical understanding of cultural competence.
  • Goal 7 – Review the curriculum content and student academic skills to align them with the new Program of Priestly Formation (PPF6) and 2020 standards of the Association of Theological Schools (ATS).
  • Goal 8 – Develop a comprehensive assessment system.

Strategic Priority #4 – Technology

  • Goal 9 – Explore best practices in use of technology to enhance the design and delivery of instruction.
  • Goal 10 – Explore a set of benchmarks for fundamental technology competencies required of a seminarian and a parish priest.

Strategic Priority #5 – Governance

  • Goal 11 – Establish and orient clearly defined roles and responsibilities for the Seminary Board and its committees.
  • Goal 12 – Increase collaboration and consultation between Seminary Governance and the Seminary community.

Strategic Priority #6 – Finance

  • Goal 13 – Collaborate with Accounting and Finance to codify processes that result in greater budgetary transparency between the Seminary and the University.
  • Goal 14 – Collaborate with Accounting and Finance to codify processes that result in a Seminary Stewardship report and financial report.