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Ordination Curriculum

The ordination curriculum integrates the human, pastoral, spiritual, and intellectual formation of future priests according to the demands of the USCCB’s Program of Priestly Formation (PPF). Participation is mandatory and in the course of the ordination formation program, all seminarians are expected to earn the Master of Divinity degree. The Ordination Curriculum includes:

First Theology (1T)

Fall Spring
CHUR 501: The First Millennium: Patrology CHUR 502: Medieval and Renaissance Church History
LITY 501: Introduction to the Liturgy MORL 502:Fundamental Moral Theology II
MORL 501: Fundamental Moral Theology I SCRP 502: Pentateuch and Historical Books

Second Theology (2T)

Fall Spring
CANL 601: Code of Canon Law MORL 602: Justice and Social Teaching of the Church

Third Theology (3T)

Fall Spring
HOML 701: Models of Preaching CANL 702: Marriage Law and Sanctifying Office

Fourth Theology (4T)

Fall Spring
CHUR 801: History of the Church in USA MORL 802: Sacrament of Marriage and Pastoral Care
church of the holy sepulche

Fourth-year Theologians are expected to participate in a study-pilgrimage Holy Land Experience which includes an opportunity for their canonical (priesthood preparatory) retreat. A seminary professor guides the experience and provides on-site explanations at locations in Jerusalem, Nazareth and Galilee.

Formation Workshops and Conferences

Each fall and spring semester, students in the ordination curriculum are required, according to their year in the cycle of seminary formation, to participate in various workshops and conferences. 

Computer-aided courses are also required to develop financial literacy. 

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Fall Workshops Spring Conferences
Feedback as a Gift/Formation Goals (1T) Topic: Friendship
Time Management (1T) Topic: Boundaries

Computer-aided courses are also required to develop financial literacy. 

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