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Spiritual Formation

Men at the Mount don’t just learn things about Jesus; the learn to fall in love with Him. Several priests at the seminary as well as adjunct spiritual directors help men to develop an intimate relationship with the Trinity nourished by prayer, Scripture and Tradition, celebration of the sacraments, and marked by a sincere devotion to Our Lady.

Prayerful Days 7 average hours of daily prayer/meditations
Focused Guidance 25 Retreat opportunities per semester
Peer Support 9 fraternal organizations

The Habit of Prayer

Spiritual formation in the seminary seeks to lay the foundation for a lifetime of priestly ministry. During the years of seminary formation the aim is to establish the attitudes, habits and practices of the spiritual life that will continue after ordination.

  • Daily Devotions

    The habit of prayer is formed by daily Mass, Morning and Evening Prayer, a personal daily Holy Hour, and other private devotions, especially the Rosary. From the very beginning, seminarians are expected to integrate a daily Eucharistic Holy Hour into their prayer life, with the expectation that they will adopt it as a lifetime habit of devotion. A Holy Hour with Eucharistic Adoration is available twice each day at the seminary.

  • Discerning the Call

    Candidates for the priesthood must be able to discern a twofold call: a call to ordained ministry and a call to live the celibate life. Spiritual formation includes the cultivation of an authentic priestly life in imitation of Jesus Christ. This life includes celibacy, obedience, simplicity of life, as well as the cardinal virtues (Justice, Temperance, Prudence, Fortitude) and theological virtues (Faith, Hope, Charity).

  • Guidance

    Every seminarian selects a spiritual director who comes to know him, and serves to guide him through his personal spiritual formation. Through regular meetings and frequent confession, the student builds an internal forum of conscience and self understanding as he grows toward moral and spiritual perfection.

  • Conferences and Retreats

    Seminarians attend conferences, retreats and days of recollection for personal growth, sustained prayer, silence and solitude, which are necessary for men to listen intently to the Word of God and grow in personal intimacy with the Lord.

  • Fraternity

    A very strong fraternity among the men lends accountability to prayer and enhanced communal spiritual formation. Seminarians are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities including the Legion of Mary, Militia Immaculata, or the various fraternities: Jesu Caritas, Friends of St. Joseph, New Evangelization Club, Blessed Frassati group, and the Knights of Columbus.

Seminarians sing with the Schola

A Song of Devotion

The Seminary Schola is one of the many activities our seminarians enjoy as a way to express their love and devotion to God through sacred music.

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